Novarock had its humble beginning in the year 2001 when it was formed by 3 individuals; Norman (lead singer), Alvin Raj (bassist) and another member (drums, who has since left the band). Having played in a number of gigs and winning The Battle of The Bands in the year 2005, they have now come up with a new line-up that includes a rapper. Their genre of music has now changed from rock to rapcore that infuses slow rock with heavy riffs and rap vocals.


The band now includes Norman (lead vocals, lyricist), Alvin (bass), Jonathan (lead guitar, lyricist), Shenc (rhythm guitar), Solomon (drums) and Vixstarr (rap, lyricist). The six piece band has 2 radio singles (Nanban and Gaveena) playing on a local radio station and is slowly gaining mainstream popularity through their YouTube channels.


The band is aiming to create a refreshing sound of Malaysian rock music by its inclusion of Tamil, Malay and English songs. Their music creates a feel of listening to bands such as Scorpions and Wings with a hint of Linkin Park and P.O.D. however, they are now striving to create a signature sound for themselves to move away from their influences.


Though making music is not the full time jobs of each of the band members, yet they are set to deliever an album that promises a good listen to fellow Malaysians and others alike.